10 tips for stress free moving, from a courier!

How not to move house
Tip one, if it looks like this, you are doing it wrong.

They say moving is one of the most stressful things you can do. It honestly doesn’t have to be, I do it several times a week (on behalf of my customers), and gathered together some of my best advice to help you when your big day comes!

1# Make a room by room list

Lists are awesome, and satisfying to check off! Make a broad list of all your items, breaking it down by room. This is useful in many ways; you can estimate how many boxes you will need, spot things you might want to donate to charity, or throw away, as well as things you need to buy for your new place! Providing this list when getting a moving quote will also get you a more accurate price, and hopefully, a cheaper one.

2# Start early

Nothing adds more stress than being exhausted on moving day, because you started packing the night before! Start a few weeks before, by packing the things you use least often. Keep things you need handy, as per the next tip…

3# Prepare a survival box

You arrive in your new place, and with all the excitement, you need the toilet. But where is the loo roll? Or the soap? Or a towel!?! Use one box to pack your ‘survival’ items, toiletries, coffee, chargers – all the stuff you need to hand most often. This’ll save you tearing through a pile of boxes in search of your toothbrush! And neatly complements those who prefer to live out of boxes for the first while.  

So True
This is exactly what led to the creation of the survival box!

4# Make use of existing containers

A lot of us have a load of plastic boxes around the house, not to mention suitcases, and rucksacks. Every one of these things can play a part in packing when you move. Most of them are better than the cardboard alternative, and each will save you time, and even money, tracking down a box.

Perfect preparation for this move.
The perfect example of the carefully prepared small move.

5# The right box, for the right item

Rickety ex-supermarket boxes will carry a few items, but you don’t want to fill one with a pile of books, only to have them bury your feet half way down the stairs! Reinforce boxes with tape (gaffer tape holds the world together, remember), and of course…

6# Don’t overload boxes

How heavy is too heavy? Rather than get bogged down by numbers, just make sure you don’t fill a box with more than you can lift. If you break your back on box three of twenty, what good is that?

7# Put heavy things in the bottom of the box

It is never wise to put say, a delicate ornament, underneath your prized bowling ball. Plan how you will fill each box, and always put the heaviest thing in the bottom.

8# Clearly mark boxes

When I was a student, I moved dozens of times. I kept reusing boxes, but didn’t cross out the old labels. So a box would say “kitchen” on the top, “bedroom” on one side, and “bathroom” on the other. It is really difficult to make spaghetti in a bath, so always clearly label your boxes.

Labelling can be fun!
It is hard to resist having a laugh with it though…

9# Put screws, and other bits, in an envelope, and tape it to the item

A 100% genuine bit of Dad advice here. When you disassemble furniture, take down curtain hooks, etc, put the screws & other pieces into an envelope, then masking tape it to the item – this way you never lose anything. Thanks, Dad!

10# Set everything out, ready to be loaded

As you finish packing, start placing your items in preparation to be loaded. Usually large items, and boxes/suitcases go first, with the more oddly shaped items, lamps, TVs, etc, being fitted in around them. Set aside any fragile and delicate items, point them out to your courier, so they can give them special care, and attention.  

Remember, every little of preparation does wonders at the other end, and lets you focus on setting up your wonderful new place! Have a great move when it comes!

I hope there were a few bits in there to help you with your move. I’m Oz, AKA, Mr Tambourine Van Courier Service. I am very passionate about couriering, every item brings a new adventure! I run a small van at a cheap price, ideal for courier work, small/student removals, furniture, and much more. If it fits – I’ll move it! I work in and around Glasgow, central and north east Scotland, as well as down to Manchester, and Newcastle. To get a quick quote, visit www.mrtvan.com or call 07532 827 854 – not your usual man with a van!