4 Unusual Fringe Tips for Companies Heading to Edinburgh

Edinburgh during the Fringe. Photo by Michal Ziembicki.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with dozens of Fringe shows, across six different years. Not only moving goods, but also supporting marketing, and production. This has given me excellent insight into having a successful Fringe, and I thought I’d share four lesser considered bits of advice, to make your run one to remember!

1# – How will you get all your show items to the venue?

Some accommodation can be a long way from the venue. Even if it’s walkable, what happens when you need to move your props, and set, there? Or bring in another box of flyers? Especially as many venues now, such as C, refuse to store companies printed materials during the run.

This is something I can help out with!

2# – What will you do with leftover flyers, and posters?

Hundreds of flyers, preparing to promote!
If you always wanted flyer based wallpaper, the Fringe is your gold mine! Photo by Steve Greer.

Most companies have a few hundred, if not thousand, flyers, or posters, left at the end. Venues charge you if you leave them behind, and you can’t exactly dump thousands of bits of papers with your face on fly, and hope Edinburgh Council don’t notice. Trust me, they do, and will track you down to fine you!

At the end of the Fringe, I can help you locate a free recycling point, and drop your things there, so they can be recycled, and become more flyers next year! Ah, the circle of promotion!

3# – Can you accommodate additional performances?

As well as your own show, you might be invited to take part in Fringe highlight, or ensemble shows. These are wonderful opportunities for publicity, but can be hard to fit in around your own time slot. Especially if you have bulky costumes, or props, that are essential to your performance. I can help move your items quickly from your venue, and then back, all in time for curtain up!

4# – Are you prepared for flashers?

Posters with review flashers attached.
Flashers. I mean, the white paper additions with the stars, you, and your dirty mind! =D Photo by Zoetnet.

This isn’t what it sounds like. Flashers are the little paper reviews people staple onto flyers, and stick to posters, to show a recent review. As the Fringe progresses these become critical to ensuring you stand out from the crowd. They are generally just black text, on white paper, consisting of a quote, stars, and the source. It is easy to make them on a computer, print one sheet out, then get it photocopied loads of times at a printers. Keep in mind you will need to cut them, and staple them on. So ensure you have a guillotine, or a good scalpel & steel ruler, as well as lots of staples! (And more than one stapler if you want a team to work together on it).

I can collect your printed flashers for you, and even design them for you on the move, to give you more time to raise the audience numbers!

Those are just a few ideas I’ve never seen mentioned elsewhere. I hope they help you have a great Fringe. I provide a small van support service in Edinburgh during August, from as little as £15. Give me a call on 07532 827 854, use this form, or email oz@mrtvan.com. Please note that I am not guaranteed to be in Edinburgh every moment, my other Scottish customers need me too! So the more notice you give, the more likely I can be there.

Wishing you all sold out crowds, and five star reviews,