How big is your box?


Whenever a client tells me they have a number of boxes, and nothing else, I always feel like Brad Pitt in Seven…

So how do you know whether you box is small, medium, large, or extra large? Shockingly there is not an international standard (what do they do all day at the UN?), so here’s my guide to get you boxing clever!

Small Box

45cm x 45cm x 25cm – less than half a metre long & wide, and a quarter metre high. Ideal for heavy items, like books, or kitchen items.  

Medium Box

45cm x 45cm x 50cm – twice as tall as the last size. The ideal ‘general’ box.  

Perfect preparation for this move.
The perfect example of the carefully prepared small move.

Large Box

45cm x 45cm x 75cm – when you get this big, you need to be smart about what you put in it, as you don’t want it to be so heavy it becomes dangerous to lift. Good for clothing, beddings, lamps

Extra Large Box

Anything above a large box is extra large, and is likely to become a struggle to lift for two people. Except perhaps a wardrobe box (50cm x 45cm x 122cm is the usual size). It is better to have more smaller boxes, than a few huge ones – even if it means more trips up & down the stairs. For example, a previous client filled a box the size of a fridge with kitchenware. Even together we could not lift it, and he was on the 4th floor! He was so focused on packing, he didn’t even think about the weight.     

Now I know reading about boxes might not be super exciting, but there are good reasons to learn this:

  • A courier might refuse to carry a box, if it is so heavy or damaged it is unsafe to do so.
  • By providing a clear idea of what you need moved, you can get a better price. For example, 10 small boxes would easily be moved by a single driver / courier, in a small van – big savings for you!

Whichever size of box you need to move, get in touch! I run a small van (165cm x 120cm x 125cm) at a cheap price, ideal for courier work, small/student removals, furniture, and as you see from this website & blog, so much more! The slogan goes, if it fits – I’ll move it! I work out of Glasgow & Edinburgh, serving Scotland, and the UK. To get a quick quote, visit or call me, Oz, on 07532 827 854 – not your usual man with a van!

Stay safe out there,