Get A Load Of This – August 2017

As August draws to a close I’ve been extremely busy helping super smart students get settled into their new digs! But I still found time to deliver a few weird and wonderful things for you to check out:

1# Adult Tricycle

This is an awesome foot powered beast! An off-road adult tricycle, destined for the West Coast of Scotland, and adventures across the heather strewn wilderness. I guarantee someone is having a lot of fun this summer!

2# Vivarium

The first question I asked when booking this job was, what is a vivarium!?! And that was my only question after discovering it was a home for reptiles – of course I want to move something that cool! Sadly the resident snake was not on board for the journey, but was waiting at the other end. Currently residing in a slightly too small home, the snake was excited to upsize!

3# Funky Collectables

I assisted a lovely couple in Edinburgh with a small flat move. They had tonnes of amazing collectables, including this giant Imperial Star Destroyer jigsaw model. Don’t worry though, I haven’t gone to the dark side, I’ll always be a rebel!

I saw this wild site whilst doing a student move. Spare a thought for the poor rubbish collectors to have to clean up this apocalypse! Thanks for reading, and I look forward to writing to you again in September, sharing some more interesting items!

I love being a courier, and enjoy moving a whole range of items. I also have extensive experience carrying delicate, and fragile items. I run a small van (165cm x 120cm x 125cm) at a cheap price, ideal for courier work, small/student removals, furniture, and as you see from this website & blog, so much more! The slogan goes, if it fits – I’ll move it! I work out of Glasgow, serving Scotland, and the UK. To get a quick quote, visit or call me, Oz, on 07532 827 854 – not your usual man with a van!

Stay safe out there,