Get a load of this! May 2017 Edition

Ever wondered what weird and wonderful things I move? Here are some of the most interesting items I’ve delivered in May 2017!

1# Auction Lot

Visiting any auction house is an adventure! This one had a tonne of funky items on display, from ancient bottles of whisky, to classic cars – my favourite lot was this giant Coca-Cola bottle, designed for a stereo to fit into.

One of only two in the world I was told!

The lot I collected had a variety of items, from precious jewellery, to vintage mirrors, and a Victorian chair. All very special, and highly fragile! I specialise in transporting fragile objects, using a combination of blankets, foam, and straps to keep everything safe & secure.

I also kept my speed under a 100, for a change (joke!!!).  

Picture of an off road mobility chair loaded in the Tambourine Van

2# Off Road Mobility Chair

I am fascinated by machines that move! Hence why I became a courier. This beauty is an off road wheelchair, a really stunning bit of kit. I was bringing it to a holiday park for a gentleman enjoying a break away, and looking forward to heading out on the coastal trails. 

Picture of the mobility scooter strapped in place

Using a telescopic ramp system (provided by client, seen on lower left), it was carefully driven up into my van, before being fully secured for transit.

3# Electric Bike

Sticking with the mean machine theme, I also picked up an electric bike from a garage near Edinburgh, bringing it all the way up to the fair Granite City. A heavy piece of kit, but what cyclist hasn’t occasionally dreamed to giving their legs a rest, and letting a sweet motor move them along!?

4# Paintings, Art Gallery Move  

I had the privilege of moving paintings on display at an art gallery, back to the artist. You have to be so careful with these precious creations. I don’t provide packaging services, only moving services, so these works were pre-wrapped in many layers of bubble wrap, foam, and boxed up. I always have the cartoon fear that somehow I will end up with one on my head, face sticking out of the canvas – it hasn’t happened yet! To help me move paintings extremely carefully, I always pretend they are my children!!! The only thing that makes me sad, is that I never get the chance to see these wonderful works!  

5# Vintage Guitar Amp

The perfect item to compliment a business called, Mr Tambourine Van! A beautiful, fabric coated amplifier. I love music, but can’t play to save myself! So I can’t give you the full run down on this piece of kit, suffice to say if it sounds as pretty as it looks, you’ll be top of pops in no time!

Thanks for visiting, I hope it was fun to find out what I’ve been moving this month.

I’m Oz, AKA, Mr Tambourine Van Courier Service. I run a small van at a cheap price, ideal for courier work, small/student removals, furniture, and as you see from the above, so much more! My slogan is, if it fits – I’ll move it! I work primarily in Glasgow, and service Scotland, but will travel anywhere in the UK for the right price. To get a quick quote, visit or call 07532 827 854 – not your usual man with a van!