Get A Load Of This – November 2017

As the explosions of the 5th finally stop ringing in our ears, and we begin the build up to the festive, here are some of my interesting moves this November.   

BB8 Rock

Not a move, but I had to share. On a rocky beach by Arbroath Harbour I found this rock that is the utter double of the loveable Star Wars droid, BB8. That isn’t two rocks – that is one single piece – amazing! My only regret was not taking it home!

Edinburgh Art Show

With enough art for a renaissance, Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange hosted the yearly Edinburgh Art Show. I had the privilege of transporting work from the Whitehouse Gallery in Kirkcudbright, and it was awesome to see all the stands taking shaping!  

Classic Mini Part

A cool young dude is restoring a classic mini near Kelso, in the Scottish Borders. I hooked him up with this colourfully wrapped axle, from Greenock, to assist in his project. Not the most visually exciting item, so here is a picture of a Mini, enjoy!

Kitchen Unit

A stunning kitchen unit, lovely dark wood, and shinny, shinny, metal! Looks brilliant, weighs an absolute tonne! Moving from Edinburgh to Glasgow, this piece could easily handle a pasting off of Gordon Ramsay, on his worst day.

Another month is coming to a close, and December is upon us. I for one can’t wait to start tearing into my advent calendar! Join me before the year ends for some highlights of my monthly adventures.   

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