Get a load of this! October 2017

It’s Halloween, the roads are getting darker, and spookier! But I’ve still got loads of interesting loads to share with you all!   

Giant Clock Face

We’ve all just put our clocks back an hour, but spare a thought for however has to set the hands on this beast! Going from a beautiful village hotel in Fife, to an appreciative lady in Glasgow, you’d have no excuse for being late with this badboy adorning your wall!    

Retro Red Chair & Footstool

Groovy baby! A fine gentleman in Ayrshire is kicking back, and relaxing in retro style, with this funky red recliner, and matching footstool. I really loved this item, and it inspired me for the next time I get a new chair!

Glow In The Dark Path

This delivery may not appear very exciting, a bunch of round tubs … but do not be deceived! This is by far one of the coolest things I have carried! An amazing youth centre in Knightsridge is trialling a new glow in the dark path, that alongside looking brilliant, will also improve people’s confidence to walk safely in the dark. Here is an image from a similar path, to show how cool it is once placed:   

Gibson Bar Stools

As you likely guessed from my business name, I like music – over 5,000 tracks cycle the van stereo! So I was impressed by these chrome, spinning, Gibson bar stools. Sporting the ‘Pure’ branding, these were perhaps promotional items once given to guitar dealers to hype up the range. Delivered to a gentleman near Edinburgh, they were added to his amazing memorabilia filled garage, where he is restoring a classic VW beetle.  


I think this may have been one of the most interesting months so far, and I can’t wait to see what November brings. Join me then, to see what’s been travelling in the Tambourine Van!

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Stay safe out there,