Get A Load Of This – July 2017

With summer in full swing (even if the weather misbehaves), I’ve been busy delivering items all across Bonnie Scotland, here are some of my special picks this month:

1# Crossbow (and small move)

Ready to make the undead, just dead.
Ready to make the undead, plain dead.

A cool client was moving her belongings from Edinburgh, to store in Aberdeen, ahead of an international trip. One of the items was a small, one handed crossbow. It was part of my customer’s Zombie Apocalypse preparation, and we discussed what additional items I could put in my van, so that I’m prepared for the inevitable Z-day. She generously said I could take the crossbow in the cab for the journey, but I would have been far too tempted to use it on other motorists!     

2# Old School Exercise Machine

So old, it could have been used in the first Olympic Games!

With the Edinburgh Fringe almost upon us, I’m beginning to get the usual unusual requests. This time it was to collect an exercise machine from the Rose Theatre, close to Edinburgh’s Princes Street. Now you just got a mental picture of an exercise machine, and this item looks nothing like it! I know I was surprised when I saw it! A very old school piece of kit, it is ideal for a dancers to practice, and improve their skills. I can manage the dance of getting a sofa through a tight door, but I’ll leave Swan Lake to the professionals!

3# Awesome Bag (and small move)

Well, at least it is honest!

This small move from Edinburgh to Glasgow featured a bag, with a bluntly honest description of what it stores. Given how frustrating packing for a move can be, I think we all have a bag, or box, that fits this bill – it certainly made me chuckle.

4# Off-road Mobility Chair  

Ready for off-road adventures!

This beauty is an off road mobility chair. The controls take a bit of figuring out, and it is much harder to steer up a ramp, into the van, when you aren’t sitting in it. I had to be slow and steady to keep it on track, so it could be loaded smoothly. My client uses it to explore the coast on their holidays – and it certainly looks like an adventuring machine!

Thanks for joining me this month, and make sure to pop back in August for some more weird, and wonderful, deliveries. I love being a courier, and enjoy moving a whole range of items. I also have extensive experience carrying delicate, and fragile items. I run a small van (165cm x 120cm x 125cm) at a cheap price, ideal for courier work, small/student removals, furniture, and as you see from this website & blog, so much more! The slogan goes, if it fits – I’ll move it! I work out of Glasgow, serving Scotland, and the UK. To get a quick quote, visit or call me, Oz, on 07532 827 854 – not your usual man with a van!

Stay safe out there,