It’s a Bug’s Life!

Welcome Courier Fans!

I’m excited to announce that Mr Tambourine Van Courier Service is now a proud member of Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust! Why is a courier supporting an insect charity? Because my van, and I, are sadly responsible for thousands of buggy fatalities every day. We don’t mean it, and I’ve tried shouting at them to get out the way … to no avail…

The aftermath of one of many bug massacres!

Upon joining this funky pack arrived in the post, with treats including a cotton bag, fold out poster, and lots of literature filled with great advice & info.

Looking forward to curling up in the back of the van to read all this interesting info!

I don’t pretend to know much about insects, but I know that pollinators are important for giving us chocolate, and strawberries, so we should be nice to them!

As silly as it may sound, it truly makes me sad when a bug gets smooshed on my windscreen – I never squash them at home, I always relocate them out the window. And if you cause harm, even unintentionally, I think it is right you should try to make up for it!

I’ll be back next time with the more usual courier based content, but if you are looking to show some support, consider joining Buglife, and help out all those wonderful bugs!

Proudly displaying my Buglife sticker on the van!

Stay safe out there,