Get A Load Of This – June 2017

Another month draws to a close, time to share highlights of the weird & wonderful things I’ve had the pleasure of delivering in June 2017!

A brief rest as we wait to gain access.
Kicking back with actor, Chris Duffy, as we wait to gain access to the venue.

1# Theatre Company Props & Set

The amazingly talented, Fear No Colours Theatre Company, were performing previews of their Edinburgh Fringe plays Penetrator, and, Shopping & F**king. I assisted in moving the set from a University of Glasgow rehearsal space, to the Old Hairdressers in Glasgow city centre.

I was kindly invited to view the plays, as you can tell from the titles, they were very adult! I covered my ears for the bad words, and really enjoyed them, particularly Penetrator, which was very funny. They are performing at the Fringe 3 – 12 August – check them out.

If you are a theatre company who needs help moving set, props, costume, or printed materials around during the Fringe, get in touch!   

Don't Blink!
Don’t Blink!

2# Garden Statue from Auction

This lovely Venus style garden statue was collected from auction on behalf of a client. Unfortunately, as a big Doctor Who fan, it reminded me so much of a Weeping Angel I had to keep myself from blinking for over 200 miles! Luckily, I remembered Mr Bean, and propped open my eyelids with matches.  

Tambourine Van outside Brewdog Aberdeen
The Tambourine Van outside Brewdog Aberdeen.

3# Bar for Brewdog

Brewdog are a special company to me. I’m from Aberdeen, and they started close to the Granite City. I watched their tremendous rise, from seeing their first brewed bottles appearing in bars, to opening their own pubs, to world domination! It was a pleasure to move a small bar for them, from the Dundee branch, up to Aberdeen. Even better, the road was closed, so I was able to get a great picture of the Tambourine Van outside!

The outside of the Chippendale Furniture School.
The outside of the Chippendale Furniture School.

4# Antique Refurbished Table  

Set in old farm buildings, amongst the Edinburgh countryside, the Chippendale International School of Furniture is a beautiful, peaceful place to visit. I was collecting a lovely round table, that the school had produced a new top for. It had to be looked after carefully, to ensure there were no scratches on the newly cut wood. I delivered it to a happy client, delighted to have her old table restored to life with the new top.  

Restored table, with a new top, on the original base.
Restored table, with a new top, on the original base.


It is nice of you to take the time to read this blog. I enjoy moving a whole range of items, with a particular speciality for delicate, and fragile items. I run a small van at a cheap price, ideal for courier work, small/student removals, furniture, and as you see from this blog, much, much, more! The slogan goes, if it fits – I’ll move it! I work out of Glasgow, serving Scotland, and the UK. To get a quick quote, visit or call me, Oz, on 07532 827 854 – not your usual man with a van!

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