What Do I Do?

  • Provide a small van, 165cm in length, 122cm wide, and 120cm high.
  • Provide a single uniformed driver / courier (me!) to collect, and deliver your item, or items.
  • Have a full set of blankets, and straps, to secure your goods safely for transport.
  • Arrange a time, and date, that suits you best to do the job, evening & weekends are not a problem.
  • Text you when I am on the way to the collection point, and after delivery is complete.
  • Offer payment by both cash, or card, using a convenient portable chip & pin machine.

Pickups & Deliveries

I can collect your goods, whatever they may be, and deliver to an address of your choice. Furniture like drawers, two seater sofas, and small tables make up a lot of my work. I have a smart uniform, professional attitude, and a wicked sense of humour! Forget any notions of the traditional man with van, this is Mr Tambourine Van!

There is a little wiggle room in the sizes of the van, so if in doubt, give me a shout!

Small & Student Moves

Find yourself moving regularly from rental to rental? I can provide a small move service perfectly suited to your needs. I can carry upward of 20 regular banker’s sized boxes, and a few suitcases, or pieces of light furniture. Plus, I even help, and I am really great company. Get in touch for an easier alternative to full scale movers.

Art, Auctions, & Fragile Items

When something delicate needs to travel, you need to know it’ll be safe on it’s journey. I have experience moving a range of fragile items; such as antiques, mirrors, painting, and delicate ornaments. I can work with you to ensure everything is loaded perfectly, secured gently, and carried safely. If you have something that needs that extra special touch, give me a call on 07532 827 854, and we can plan it out.

Same Day / Short Notice Service

Drop me a line, any time! If I am available, I’ll be there.

Out Of Hours & Weekend Deliveries

I can be available when others aren’t. Services available almost any time, any day of the week. Make a prior booking to ensure availability.

Single Items

Whether it’s an all important letter, or something that has to be somewhere in a hurry, I’ll never laugh at the size of your package. All shapes and sizes always welcome.

Ebay & Online Deliveries

If you’ve picked up something special online via Ebay, Gumtree, or elsewhere, let me collect if for you, then drop it off at the perfect time.

And Much More – basically, if it fits, I’ll move it! Fill in this quick form for a free quote, or call Oz on 07532 827 854