Winter Driving Tips from a Courier






As the first flakes are falling, I’m sharing my top tips for winter driving.

It begins! Woke up to this last week!







These can get intense, and in-depth, so I’m covering what I think is important, or my own little ideas!


Not every tip you read online is useful!


Be Prepared

Honestly, those Scouts are onto something! Get your vehicle winter ready. Make sure you have deicer, and a scraper at the very least! Ideally, do these things:

  • First question is always, do you need to make this journey, if you don’t, don’t!
  • Check your lights, make sure they all work.
  • Check your battery, charge it to the max!      
  • Keep fuel levels topped up.
  • Fill up your screenwash, make sure it is combined with anti-freeze so it actually works!
  • Check your wiper blades, and clean them.  
  • Keep your mobile fully charged.
  • Bring outdoor clothes (I always forget this, and head out in a thin jacket, and Converse, because I’m warm enough in the van – until I get out!)
  • Check the travel bulletins before you go, and use a GPS system that provides instant updates.


Early Birds Crash The Least


It’s dark, cold, and you’d rather have extra time in bed – trust me, I’m with you (not physically, that would be weird!) But don’t forget to give yourself extra time to de-ice your vehicle, let the heater warm up, and importantly to make a coffee to go.


In case you hadn’t noticed…


Slow & Steady Wins The Race


Once you hit the road the main advice is, take it slow and steady. It’s boring, I like to drive to the maximum speed allowed – always – but it is a successful safe strategy.

  • Reducing your speed reduces skidding.
  • Avoid harsh braking, and you are less likely to slide.
  • Try not to steer sharply, or you might spin out.
  • Go into lower gears earlier, this avoids wheel locking.

I see many drivers continuing their usual 80+ on motorways in the snow. In my many thousands of miles of experience I can tell you that most of the time I end up catching the speedsters at traffic lights, even at 60 – so driving like Wacky Races only endangers yourself, and others, and doesn’t get your there any quicker.

My final personal tip, keep your vehicle well ventilated! Nothing feels nicer than turning the heater to the max, and making your vehicle a hotbox! But as you drive over time, it makes your super sleepy! Find a balance before you nod off, and end up taking the big sleep! Safe driving to you all this winter, and join me soon, to see what interesting items I’ve moved this November!

Always find the positive in every situation!

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Stay safe out there,